TSANZ Aviva Rosenfeld Award for Excellence in Patient Care in Transplantation

This award has been established in honour of Aviva Rosenfeld, the TSANZ Executive Officer from 1996 to 2015.
The Aviva award will recognise an outstanding clinician (including physicians, surgeons, nurses, psychologists, social workers, other allied health professionals) who has demonstrated excellence in patient care in transplantation – by putting patients/families first, involving patients in care, communicating effectively and providing compassionate and empathetic care.



Nominees must consent to the nomination and be willing to provide media consent.

If Other :


In 200 words, describe how the nominee has demonstrated excellence in providing care to patients and families in transplantation, and how they have made a difference:

How has the nominee put patients/families first?

How has the nominee actively involved patients in their care?

How has the nominee demonstrate good communication with patients/families?

How has the nominee demonstrated compassion and empathetic care?

How have they made a difference to the lives of patients and their families?